Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples, section 1 Preface:

The scope of this document

This document can be used both for a systematic study of the HTML language, specifically HTML 3.2, and as a reference.

For recommendations on how to use this document for a systematic study, please refer to section Learning HTML 3.2 systematically.

For reference use, there is a systematic description of all HTML 3.2 elements and all their possible attributes, illustrated with examples. You can access them either using the table of contents page or the index and legend of element descriptions. There is also important reference material e.g. about syntax of various attributes, in the section General remarks on the syntax of HTML, but the descriptions of elements contain links to relevant information there.

Since this document is an overall description of HTML 3.2, it cannot go very deeply into the details of good practical usage of elements. Instead, there are links to such information elsewhere.

This document does not discuss general issues of Web authoring, such as overall design of documents and document collections. As regards to them, see my list of suggested reading. However, in appropriate places in this document, there are practical stylistic recommendations, aimed at promoting structural clarity and universal accessibility using any browser (within reasonable limits).

In addition to such issues, you need to know where to put your HTML document to make it accessible to the world. This may involve things like transferring files from your own computer to a Web server and setting up directory and file protections suitably. Please consult your local Web support for information relevant at your site.

This document concentrates on basic HTML usage. In particular, it does not describe how applets or CGI scripts are written (programmed), although a few potentially useful links are given. This implies no opinion of the usefulness of such things; it's just a consequence of this document being about HTML, not about the World Wide Web in its entirety.

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