Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples, section 1 Preface:

On the versions of this document

This document exists both as a collection of interlinked smaller HTML files and as a single HTML file. The interlinked version is usually much more convenient to use; you can use its table of contents and access the particular parts you are interested in. But you might wish to access the single-file version e.g. in order to search for a particular term or phrase (using the "search in this document" function of your browser). The master (most up-to-date) copies are accessible at

For printing on paper, you may wish to use the PostScript version, which is about 150 pages and was generated from an old version using html2ps). The PostScript version also exists in a much smaller form, as compressed with the Unix compress utility.

Naturally you can also access the single-file version and use the print function of your browser, but unfortunately such functions are rather primitive in most browsers. The initial version of this document was written in December 1996 - January 1997. It was developed, with the aid of valuable comments from a large number of people, to reach maturity in December 1997. After this, no major changes are to be expected. For the record, revision history since Dec. 22nd 1997 is available.

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