IT and communication - Internet:

Material about Usenet
written or recommended by by Jukka Korpela

Material written by me

Netiquette material:

People who know Finnish will find much more material by me about Usenet in Nyysiopas.

Technical material (attempts to present official protocol specifications more readably):

I wrote the documents mentioned above when I had noticed that those topics are not sufficiently covered in the usual material on Usenet usage and conduct.

Material recommended by me

There is so much "netiquette-like" material, some of which is rather outdated, that I decided to compose the following list of especially recommendable reading (without implying agreement with all of their content):

Note: Some of the documents in the list above are rather old. To a large extent, this is because they have been written carefully and they have been widely accepted among experienced users. Naturally, their wording, examples, and details can be slightly dated.

For searching for Usenet articles by keywords, Deja (previously DejaNews) has been most popular, and very useful. Having been bought by Google, the service is still in transitional state, at Google Groups. The following simple search form is just an interface to it; for more possibilities, see Advanced Groups Search and Google Groups help page.

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