About my interests, experiences and hobbies

This page is a collection of links to miscellaneous short documents (partly in English, partly in Finnish) that describe different things from my personal perspective. See my free information site IT and communication for more objective information about the topics mentioned here.

Systems that I have had experience with: TOPS-20, VAX/VMS, VM/SP, Unix, Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista (just as a poor user).

Programming languages: Pascal, Fortran, C, Perl, JavaScript, etc.

Human languages that I know: Finnish, English, Swedish, other.

Other interests: aquaria, birds, bridge, comic books (especially Calvin&Hobbes and Dilbert), computer games, cooking, crossword puzzles, history, jurisprudence, mahjong, making beer and wine, natural sciences (especially biology), science fiction, stamps.

See also: my Usenet postings as retrievable from Google Groups archives.