Quick index to HTML 4 specification

This document is an unofficial quick index to the official HTML 4 Specification, containing first a table of contents of the specification with top-level section headings only, then a simple index of elements, and links to index-like parts of the HTML 4 specification. I originally wrote this mainly because the Table of Contents of the specification was too detailed for quick access to major topics in the specification in version 4.0. (The current version of HTML 4, HTML 4.01, has a compact table of content too.)

  1. About the HTML 4 Specification
  2. Introduction to HTML 4
  3. On SGML and HTML
  4. Conformance: requirements and recommendations
  5. HTML Document Representation - Character sets, character encodings, and entities
  6. Basic HTML data types - Character data, colors, lengths, URIs, content types, etc.
  7. The global structure of an HTML document - The HEAD and BODY of a document
  8. Language information and text direction - International considerations for text
  9. Text - Paragraphs, Lines, and Phrases
  10. Lists - Unordered, Ordered, and Definition Lists
  11. Tables
  12. Links - Hypertext and Media-Independent Links
  13. Objects, Images, and Applets
  14. Style Sheets - Adding style to HTML documents
  15. Alignment, font styles, and horizontal rules
  16. Frames - Multi-view presentation of documents
  17. Forms - User-input Forms: Text Fields, Buttons, Menus, and more
  18. Scripts - Animated Documents and Smart Forms
  19. SGML reference information for HTML - Formal definition of HTML and validation
  20. SGML Declaration of HTML 4
  21. Document Type Definition
  22. Transitional Document Type Definition
  23. Frameset Document Type Definition
  24. Character entity references in HTML 4
  1. Changes
  2. Performance, Implementation, and Design Notes


A           ABBR        ACRONYM     ADDRESS     APPLET      AREA        B           BASE        BASEFONT    BDO         BIG         BLOCKQUOTE  BODY        BR          BUTTON      CAPTION     CENTER      CITE        CODE        COL         COLGROUP    DD          DEL         DFN         DIR         DIV         DL          DT          EM          FIELDSET    FONT        FORM        FRAME       FRAMESET    H1          H2          H3          H4          H5          H6          HEAD        HR          HTML        I           IFRAME      IMG         INPUT       INS         ISINDEX     KBD         LABEL       LEGEND      LI          LINK        MAP         MENU        META        NOFRAMES    NOSCRIPT    OBJECT      OL          OPTGROUP    OPTION      P           PARAM       PRE         Q           S           SAMP        SCRIPT      SELECT      SMALL       SPAN        STRIKE      STRONG      STYLE       SUB         SUP         TABLE       TBODY       TD          TEXTAREA    TFOOT       TH          THEAD       TITLE       TR          TT          U           UL          VAR        

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Date of last update: 2002-02-27.

Jukka Korpela