Translation-friendly authoring ,
section Practical guidelines for authors

Guidelines on HTML markup

An example of linking to an entry in a special dictionary when using a word which may cause problems to translation programs (and even human translators or human readers of the original text):

There is a <A HREF= ";query=workaround" TITLE="a description of the word 'workaround'">workaround</A> to this problem.

This looks like the following on your current browser:

There is a workaround to this problem.

Interestingly, using Babelfish, the link gets converted to a link thru Babelfish, so the reader of the translated document, when following the link, will get a translated version of the dictionary entry! This is often - probably most often - very nice, but how can you write a link which does not get translated that way, for example a definite link to the original in English?