The ISO Latin 1 character repertoire – a description with usage notes, section 3 The characters grouped by type, with annotations:

Space characters

ISO Latin 1 contains only two space characters: normal space and no-break space. In Unicode, there are other space characters too, such as em space (U+2003), many of which are defined to have some specific width. The other characters are those in the range U+2000 to U+200B (in the General Punctuation block), ideographic space (U+3000), and zero width no-break space (U+FEFF). For a brief summary, see the document Unicode spaces.

Quite often the phrase whitespace (characters) is used to denote a set of characters or codes which are treated as "empty space". The exact definition varies but typically covers some control codes such as horizontal tab and linefeed, too. See e.g. the definition of "whitespace" in the HTML 4.0 Specification.

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