How to find information on the Web for a visit to Helsinki area

This document briefly describes how to use the Web for finding information such as maps, public transport, and weather in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and the neighboring cities Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen.

There's a detailed Tourist map of Helsinki and the metropolitan area. You can first use a search form that takes a street name (only) as input and returns a list of links to more specific addresses that include numbers.

If you wish to send someone a URL (Web address) that refers to a map that you can get that way, you can first search for street name, then pick up the URL of the desired link. For example, in order to explain to someone how to find Salomonkatu 10, you could search for Salomonkatu in the map, to get a list of links like SALOMONKATU 10 HELSINKI. Then you would, on a typical graphic browser on Windows, right click on the link and select a function like "Copy Link Address" or "Copy Link Location", which puts the URL into the clipboard. You can then paste it e.g. into an E-mail message. Such URLs look rather confusing, e.g. but the recipient can just use it, e.g. via cut and paste.

There's Public transport journey planner, which lets you specify the source, destination, and desired departure or arrival time. It then gives you the options, with links to route maps and with time estimates. Note that in the route maps, some locations will appear in Finnish only, even if there is an English name too; e.g., the railway station square appears in results as "rautatientori".

The weather forecast service by the Finnish Meteorological Institute shows the current weather and five days' predictions for Finland. By default, the local weather is that of Helsinki.