Bird links by Jukka K. Korpela

Some links to essential scientific information related to birds:

Internet Resource Guides for Zoology

A high-quality resource guide by BIOSIS. Contains a searchable index of scientific names of organisms and information organized taxonomically, with a large subtree on birds, accompanied with a link list of Internet resources related to birds.

Neornithes (modern birds)

A branch in The Tree of Life, a large distributed Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity. Mainly information about the phylogeny and classification of birds.


Ornithological information source by the Ornithological Council.

Entry Zoology, Vertebrate in Smithsonian FAQs

See especially the Division of Birds in the National Museum of Natural History. Also contains a large list of suggested publications on birds.

Section Birds in Yahoo

A lot of links to ornithological information on the Web. In general, Yahoo links are selected and classified by humans (not automatically) but they often vary a lot as regards to quality. In the ornithology area, there is for instance a link to the very valuable Zoonomen (scientific names of birds, with author citations).

Birds FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions list for the Usenet newsgroup rec.birds.

uk.rec.birdwatching FAQ

The FAQ list for the Usenet group for birdwatchers in the United Kingdom. A well-designed site with nice material like Scientific bird names explained.

A large site which looks very interesting, containing both birding and scientific information.

Bird On!

Contains e.g. birdwatching dictionary with good definitions for terms.

Birding in Finland

Birdwatching is rather popular in Finland. There are several regional ornithological societies, with BirdLife Finland as their central organization. See their page Finland for birdwatchers.

There is a compilation of names of birds in Finland in different languages: in Swedish, Norwegian, and English; in Dutch, Estonian, and German; and in French, Spanish, and Italian.