Links to glossaries of Internet terms in some languages

When referring to Internet issues, one often uses technical words which may not occur in general dictionaries or which have a specialized meaning in Web contexts. (The word Web is a good example!) This often causes problems especially to people whose native language is not English.

There are several dictionaries of Internet terms on the Web. For instance, for French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Portuguese (pt), and Spanish (es) the following are available:
en-fr Vocabulaire d'Internet (removed, see:)
Grand dictionnaire terminologique
fr-en NETGLOS - français
en-de Internet-Glossar by Erpel Verlag
de-en NETGLOS - Deutsch
en-it ATO Italia: Glossario per le reti Inglese-Italiano
it-en NETGLOS - italiano
en-pt-en Dicionário do Internetês
es-en NETGLOS - Español
es Glosario de Internet (removed)

See also: NETGLOS, a multilingual glossary of Internet terminology by WorldWide Language Institute. It contains dictionaries of Internet terms in some other languages, too. (removed)

The choice of languages here was motivated by the AltaVista Translation Service, announced in December 1997, for those languages. See also the preface to my Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples.

Jukka Korpela