A description of Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples

Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples is a hypertext document which describes HTML, the document description language used on the World Wide Web. More specifically, it describes HTML 3.2, also known as Wilbur, as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.

The document is intended for people who already have an idea of what the World Wide Web is and who produce, or intend to produce, information onto the Web. If HTML is something new to you, you will have to study some introductory text (e.g. Getting started with HTML), before you can really benefit from this document.

A Web author should know HTML well, since although HTML documents can be produced by various specialized editors and converters, they have inherent limitations. And learning the basics of HTML is probably easier than learning to use an HTML editor or converter.

Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples provides material for a systematic study of HTML 3.2. It starts from the basic structural features and illustrates them with examples. There are separate detailed sections about links and tables.

The document

Jukka Korpela.