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Jukka "Yucca" Korpela

Master of Science (Math.), working as systems analyst at
Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Computing Centre, Finland

Finnish readers may wish to see my home page in Finnish - suomenkielinen kotisivuni (which is more compact than this page).

Job: user support at the Computing Centre, in particular

Service hours: Weekdays 8:00/15:45, room U137A (main building). But occasionally absent.
Electronic mail (Internet):
There are other ways of contacting me, too.

Languages which I know: Finnish, English, Swedish, other.

Interests: aquaria, birds, bridge, comic books (especially Calvin&Hobbes and Dilbert), computer games, cooking, crossword puzzles, history, jurisprudence, languages (Finnish, Latin, English, other), mahjong, making beer and wine, natural sciences (especially biology), science fiction, stamps.

Web publications by me: see the list of my publications in English and the list of my publications in Finnish. From the start of 2000, I try to maintain a list of my new documents.

More information available: plain facts about me, a professional picture about me, a photo of me as a baby, and my home address.

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