Plain facts about Jukka Korpela

Full nameJukka Kalervo Korpela
Born 1952-02-09 (February 9th, 1952), in Vaasa
Finished school (Finnish ylioppilastutkinto) 1969-05-30 in Kokkola
Bachelor of Science 1970-10-29
Graduated 1971-05-13
Job Miscellaneous freelance work.
Previous jobs

Until 1974: Miscellaneous, from sailor and industry worker to university planning assistant and committee secretary in state administration.

1974-09-15/2001-07-17 (work effectively terminated by the employer's actions 2001-01-17): Systems analyst at Helsinki University of Technology, Computing Centre ; included a wide range of tasks, such as user support in general, especially writing user manuals in Finnish and in English, software installation and configuration, writing a Pascal interpreter and compiler, and support to Web authoring.

2001-09-01/2002-12-31: Specialist on practical Internet standardization and related issues at Tieke.


: webmaster at Blue1 airline company.

Otherwise, a freelance author of nonfiction books, a consultant, a lecturer, etc. Mostly retired since 2015.

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