Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples, section 5 Descriptions of HTML 3.2 tags:

VAR - variables


To indicate that a piece of text (typically, a word) is a variable, a "placeholder", i.e. a generic notation to be replaced by different actual expressions.

Typical rendering

In italics. (Some old browsers, like Internet Explorer 3.0, have rendered VAR using monospaced font.) See general notes on rendering markup.

Basic syntax


Possible attributes


Allowed context

Text container, i.e. any element that may contain text elements. This includes most HTML elements. In particular, text elements can be nested.


Text elements. Notice that this disallows e.g. paragraph breaks.


Example VAR-1.html:

In the simplest case, the command for deleting a file in Unix is<BR>
<KBD>rm</KBD> <VAR>filename</VAR>


See notes on presenting interaction with computer and general remarks on phrase elements.

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