Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples, section 5 Descriptions of HTML 3.2 tags:

DD - definition data


To provide a definition for a term in a definition list (DL element)

Typical rendering

Indented and presented as a separate piece of text attached to the corresponding definition term.

Basic syntax


The end tag </DD> can always be omitted, and it usually is omitted.

Possible attributes


Allowed context

DL element.


Block elements. Notice that heading and ADDRESS elements are not allowed. On the other hand, lists are allowed.


An example which does not say very much:
<DD>See RFC 822.</DD>

For more realistic examples, see the description of the DL element.


Some people use DD as such, outside any DL element, to get some text indented. This violates the specifications and does not work in general.

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