Referring to filmographic information in Web documents

Let's assume that you wish to mention a movie in your Web document. It might be very useful to refer to filmographic information about it; users who do not know the movie at all may like to know what kind of movie it is, how old it is, etc, whereas people who know it may like to see detailed information (such as cast) about it. To serve such needs, you can link to an entry in The Internet Movie Database. Simply go to its search page and find the entry, typically using just the film title. Then simply use the URL (which is normally displayed by your browser somewhere) to construct something like the following:

<P>My favorite movie is
<A TITLE='Filmographic info about "Gone with the Wind"'
<CITE>Gone with the Wind</CITE>.

On your browser (the browser you are currently using to view this document), this looks like the following:

My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.