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Dear Luser,
you were (assumably) directed to this page because a "webmaster" wants to argue with you on your choice of a Web browser or its settings. Depending on how that was made, you might manage to find your way back to the page where you were before that by hitting your browser's Back button (or equivalent) twice in succession. Or you might need to use your browser's History feature to get there.

Instead of designing for the World Wide Web, the "webmaster" apparently decided to design for some browser(s) he thinks he knows. This usually, but not necessarily, correlates with lack of useful or interesting content, partly because such authoring is so tricky that little energy is left to working with content, partly because deep interest in browser-specific hacking indicates a particular type of motivation.

Assumably the "webmaster" wants you to use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, version 4.0 or newer (though probably not too new like 6.0), with all possible security holes wide open (JavaScript enabled etc.), with factory settings as in the copy the "webmaster" has downloaded, no matter how poorly those settings fit your situation. If you really wish to see what the "webmaster's" page looks on such browsers and haven't got one, don't waste your time trying to find and download them; they're inconveniently large for download over slow or medium-speed connections. They're distributed on CD-rom very widely, for no cost or nominal cost.

Date of last update: 2001-01-15

Jukka Korpela,