Windows default fonts

The following table lists the fonts available on various Windows systems by default, i.e. as installed by simply installing an unmodified Windows. The data is extracted from Microsoft's Fonts and Products, URL as accessed 1999-08-27.

The presentation naturally depends on your browser and its settings and the fonts there are in your system! (For example, IE 4 on WinNT displays Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic, and Arial Italic as normal Arial, whereas Netscape 4 uses the bold, bold italic, or italic variant, and Opera 3.60 displays them using whatever font is the browser's default font.)

Arial3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Arial Black  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Arial Bold3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Arial Bold Italic3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Arial Italic3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Comic Sans MS  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Comic Sans MS Bold  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Courier New3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Courier New Bold3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Courier New Bold Italic3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Courier New Italic3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Impact  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Lucida Console  98NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Lucida Sans Unicode   NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Marlett 9598 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Symbol3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Tahoma  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Tahoma Bold  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Times New Roman3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Times New Roman Bold3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Times New Roman Bold Italic3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Times New Roman Italic3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Verdana  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Verdana Bold  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Verdana Bold Italic  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Verdana Italic  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Webdings  98 Pi: Π Product: ∏
Wingdings3.x9598NT4Pi: Π Product: ∏
Jukka Korpela,