Stamps and I

I collect stamps in close cooperation with my wife Liisa Sarakontu. (Actually this means that we buy stamps mainly to get ornithological stamps for Liisa's collection, but whatever other stamps happen to come with them is given to me. :-) We collect all sorts of stamps but especially ornithological, i.e. stamps which depict recognizable birds, preferably such that the species can be determined. We are particularly interested in birds which live in Europe or, more accurately, in the Western Palearctic Area.

We have three sets of stamp collections:

We are not particularly interested in expensive rarities or philatelic nuances.

If you wish to exchange stamps with us, and especially if you have spare copies ornithological stamps, please feel free to contact me. Let me know what kinds (e.g. countries, themes) of stamps you would like to get from us.

However, our stamp hobbies have been in a rather frozen state for a few years now.

Jukka Korpela