My experience with Fortran

In addition to having programmed in Fortran and assisted people in problems with Fortran, I have given some courses on Fortran, studied the ANSI Fortran 77 standard and, together with Timo Larmela and Jussi Salminen, written a book on Fortran in Finnish, FORTRAN 77 (published by Otadata).

I've written (in Finnish) a short document about Fortran-related resources on the Internet: Tietoa Fortran-kielestä Internetissä.

I have studied the Fortran 90 literature to some extent but not used that language very much.

I have used Fortran in several environments, including DECsystem-20, VM/XA, and various Unix type systems (but not on microcomputers). I did some vectorization work with Fortran on IBM 3090. About parallelization I have no knowledge that could be useful to anyone.

Jukka Korpela