Plain facts about Jukka Korpela

Full nameJukka Kalervo Korpela
Born 1952-02-09 (February 9th, 1952), in Vaasa
Finished school (Finnish ylioppilastutkinto) 1969-05-30 in Kokkola
Bachelor of Science 1970-10-29
Graduated 1971-05-13
Job Currently a freelance author and lecturer.
Previous jobs

Until 1974: Miscellaneous, from sailor and industry worker to university planning assistant and committee secretary in state administration.

1974-09-15/2001-07-17 (work effectively terminated by the employer's actions 2001-01-17): Systems analyst at Helsinki University of Technology, Computing Centre ; included a wide range of tasks, such as user support in general, especially writing user manuals in Finnish and in English, software installation and configuration, writing a Pascal interpreter and compiler, and support to Web authoring.

2001-09-01/2002-12-31: Specialist on practical Internet standardization and related issues at Tieke.

Publications Coauthor in the following textbooks (in Finnish) published by OtaData
  • Pascal-ohjelmointikieli (The Pascal programming language; first published in 1980)
  • FORTRAN 77; first published in 1985
  • C-ohjelmointikieli (The C programming language; first published in 1988)
  • Johdatus UNIXiin (Introduction to UNIX; first published in 1991)
New productions:
  • Web-suunnittelu ('Web Design'), authored in collaboration with Tero Linjama, published by Docendo (spring 2003).
  • CSS-tyylit (CSS styles), to be published by Docendo in autumn 2003.

Lots of Web publications in English and Finnish, some of which were duplications of printed user guides published by the HUT Computing Centre. The publications are now available at my Web site IT and communication - Datatekniikka ja viestintä.
Side-line jobsOccasionally freelance contributor to some publications. Occasionally short-term teaching jobs, e.g. on the C language and on copyright issues.
Marital status Divorced twice. Now in common-law marriage with Liisa Sarakontu.
Children Two sons, Kalle (born 1975) and Heikki (born 1979), from the 2nd marriage. One daughter, Minna (born 1991), with Liisa.

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