HTML elements – test display

This document contains a table that shows test display of HTML elements, in alphabetic order, with some comments. The document is completely unstyled, except for the main table, which has cell borders (and cell padding set to zero) so that the visual appearance of elements can be seen, and header cells left-aligned.

In most cases, the element content (when applicable) is the word “test”. If the element has fallback content (for browsers not supporting the element), the word “FALLBACK” is used for the purpose. When needed to test formatting, the content is preceded by the word “beforet” and followed by the word “after”

Element Sample Description or comments
a test A simple link. Links typically look different in different states.
a test No href attribute. Should look like normal text.
abbr test No attributes.
abbr test With a title attribute.
acronym test No attributes.
acronym test With a title attribute.
Usually in italic.
applet FALLBACK Should show: Hello world
area No rendering expected.
article before
Should appear as a block.
aside beforeafter Should appear as a block.
audio No controls attribute, no visual rendering expected.
audio With the controls attribute.
b test Expected bold face.
base Not tested here, should appear in head part only.
basefont test The word “test” is between two basefont tags with size=7 and size=3.