This page is for searching information on words in the Finnish language. The tools here are based on JavaScript in order to make it easy to submit the same query to different servers. This page does not work properly on your browser with its current settings, which disable JavaScript execution.

This page is a tool for finding information on a Finnish word or phrase in several services such as dictionaries and terminological databases. The information mostly deals with the meaning, spelling, inflection, and hyphenation of words. Much of the information is in Finnish, so some understanding of the language is needed.

Enter a word or phrase in the box and click on one of the buttons.

This page is an interface to the following query systems:
Kielo. Kielitoimiston sanakirja, Dictionary of the Language Office. The newest and official dictionary of Finnish.
Joukahainen. A database of Finnish words, including inflection information. Based on voluntary work.
Intl. words. Pienehkö sivistyssanakirja, a smallish dictionary of international words in Finnish. By J. Korpela.
YSA. Yleinen suomalainen asiasanasto, General Finnish thesaurus. Especially for indexing and defining keywords.
TEPA. The terminology database of Sanasto­keskus TSK. Contains definitions for terms and corresponding terms in other languages.
IATE. InterActive Terminology for Europe, the multilingual terminology database of the EU.
ISK. Iso suomen kielioppi, a voluminous descriptive grammar of Finnish.
Kielikello. A periodical published by the Institute for the Languages of Finland. The search does not include issues of the current year.
Guidance DB. Kielitoimiston ohjepankki, an official database of questions and answers on Finnish spelling, grammar, and names.
Guide. Nykyajan kielenopas, a guide to correct use of Finnish, by J. Korpela. Uses the FreeFind search engine, which supports the * wildcard.
Etymology. A structured version of the etymological dictionary Suomen sanojen alkuperä. By Etymon Project.
Hyphenate. A hyphenator based on Voikko software. Shows the permitted word division points.
Analyze. HFST, omorfi – open morphol­ogy for Finnish, Univ. of Helsinki. See explanations of notations. There is an alternative service based on the same technology, at Univ. of Tromsø.
Wikipedia. The Wikipedia pages in Finnish.
Google. Google search restricted to pages in Finnish. The results always open in a separate window or tab.

There are also other online services providing information on Finnish words. They are listed on a separate page, since they cannot be used with the kind of interface used or they are too specialized.