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All Technology Prima Donnas have eccentric hobbies, like ostrich wrestling, or dung sculpture, or playing bridge.
Scott Adams: The Joy of Work, Dilbert's Guide to Finding Happiness at the Expense of Your Co-workers (HarperBusiness, 1998), p. 87.

I play bridge because it's fun. Unfortunately the bridge club where I played (Otapieti) died years ago, and as a consequence, my bridge playing has been computerized.

For two years, I was a subscriber to OKbridge where I learned to play SAYC. (I have composed a tabular summary of SAYC.) Due to the relatively high fee, I did not renew my subscription. I have played against computer opponents using Micro Bridge (versions 8 and 9). In August 2002 I heard about Bridge Base Online, which is free and active, and I play there as "yucca".

There is information about net information about bridge in the Internet Bridge Archive. Finns, please notice Suomen Bridgeliitto on the Web. For a good introduction to bridge in English, see Contract Bridge at the Card games web site.

Have you ever wondered where the name of the game comes from? Well, nobody really knows. See an enlightening article on the origin of "bridge" as the card game name in The Word Detective.

I have written a documentation of the "Finnish standard" bidding system, both in Finnish and in English. The system is officially known as paneelistandardi (panel standard) since it is the system used in the bidding panel of the Finnish Bridge magazine.

I have also written, in Finnish, a short introduction to bridge (Johdatus bridgeen), a small bridge dictionary (Bridgesanastoa), and an essay on stereotypes of bridge players (Korttien takaa eli muistelmia partnereista ja vastustajista).